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DPS Book Club
DPS Book Club
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Choosing new plays to read can be exhausting. DPS publishes over 100 new titles every yearóno matter how much you like reading plays, youíre bound to miss some great ones. The DPS Book Club is a subscription-box service, mailed quarterly, that includes 7 of our most recently published titles, for only $29.99. Thatís 50% off the price of 7 Acting Editions purchased separately!

Payment: Book Club members must provide a credit card for prepayment when signing up. Payment will be processed quarterly on the first business day of the month.

Terms and Conditions: The DPS Book Club does not include manuscripts, ePlays or Trade Editions. Acting Editions only. The membership cannot be used in conjunction with any other prearranged group discounts, unless specifically stated. Discounts for educators, bookstores, libraries, agents or authors are excluded without limitation. The DPS Book Club is available to customers in the US and Canada only.

DPS may change these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice or liability by posting a revised agreement on the DPS website. Any change shall take effect immediately, unless otherwise noted. You may view the current version of these Terms and Conditions at any time online or you may call Customer Service at 212-683-8960 for details.

Subscribers may not exchange Book Club titles for alternate DPS plays. Additional plays must be purchased separately.

Return Policy: DPS does not accept returns for unused or overstock items. All sales are final. For quality issues including misprinted books or items damaged in transit, contact Customer Service.

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