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Bad Habits

One Acts, Comedy
6 men, 2 women
Total Cast: 8, Simple Flexible Sets
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-1435-9
FEE: $105 per performance. (This is the only basis on which the title BAD HABITS may be used.) $40 each when produced individually.
THE STORY: In the first play, DUNELAWN, we are in an expensive retreat for the unhappily married, where the wheel-chaired director, Dr. Pepper, dispenses a definitely unique sort of marital guidance. His theory includes complete indulgence in such “bad habits” as smoking, drinking and sexual promiscuity—which seems to work wonders for his patients, whose wacky case histories are each examined in hilarious detail. In the second play, RAVENSWOOD, the approach is quite the opposite. Here the saintly Dr. Toynbee injects his straitjacketed charges with tranquilizing drugs to calm such urges—but again the catalogue of aberrations revealed in his patients is subjected to close, and enormously funny, scrutiny. Both plays can be performed by the same cast, as each calls for 6 men and 2 women.
Winner of the Obie Award. First an Off-Broadway hit, and then successfully transferred to Broadway, this pair of brilliantly satirical plays offers a biting and hilarious study of events in two very singular sanitariums. “…really funny…goes to prove that laughter is the best medicine.” —NY Times. “Terrence McNally gets funnier and funnier. His BAD HABITS is a twin bill and it’s funny enough for two theatres.” —NY Daily News. “…the best comedy so far this season…” —Variety. “…inspired madness of the highest order.” —Cue Magazine.