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My Barking Dog

ISBN: 978-0-8222-3964-2
Full Length, Drama
1 man, 1 woman
Total Cast: 2, Flexible Set
FEE: $100 per performance.
THE STORY: Two recluses watch their lives take a bizarrely sharp turn, when a starving coyote starts showing up at their fire escape. Soon the pair comes to embrace their animal instincts as they bond with their new feral friend. MY BARKING DOG is a gripping exploration of our increasingly disconnected, urban lifestyles, and what happens when nature challenges man-made boundaries.
“MY BARKING DOG…shocks and surprises, and in a most brilliant and entertaining way. …The play…is at various moments poetic, funny, gripping and stomach-churning, and sometimes all these things together.” —LA Weekly. “…smart, witty, theatre of absurd-esque. …a streamlined, no-fat depiction of two lonely souls possibly finding their ultimate purpose in life.” — “I only wish more American plays were this daring. …by the last moments of the play, we’re in a fever dream of a world, a demented fantasy in which Nature finally has its revenge on Culture. If you think you’ve guessed what I mean, I guarantee you’re mistaken.” — “…MY BARKING DOG has plenty of bite. …smart, edgy, visceral and socially relevant. …funny as hell, something that few plays with a social message manage to be. Coble’s command of language is impressive…” —