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Full Length, Drama
8 men, 4 women
Total Cast: 12, Flexible Set
ISBN-13: 978-0-8222-2390-0


MIN. PERFORMANCE FEE: $130 per performance. SPECIAL NOTE: Recorded music is required for production. The cost is $10.00, and the recorded music and sheet music will be distributed digitally upon receipt of full license fees payment. The nonprofessional fee for the use of this music is $25.00 per performance. Music samples are available here.
Winner of the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

THE STORY: From Lynn Nottage, the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of such plays as Fabulation or, The Re-Education of Undine and Intimate Apparel, comes this haunting, probing work about the resilience of the human spirit during times of war. Set in a small mining town in Democratic Republic of Congo, this powerful play follows Mama Nadi, a shrewd businesswoman in a land torn apart by civil war. But is she protecting or profiting by the women she shelters? How far will she go to survive? Can a price be placed on a human life?
“RUINED takes us inside an unthinkable reality and into the heads of victims and perpetrators to create a full-immersion drama of shocking complexity and moral ambiguity. What’s more surprising is the exquisite balance the playwright brings—of brutality and poetry, hope and even humor.” —Variety.

“Strong and absorbing…a raw and genuine agony pulses within…a cleareyed celebration of endurance.” —The New York Times.

“Sincere, passionate, courageous and acutely argued, RUINED is a remarkable theatrical accomplishment…” —Chicago Tribune.

“In the hands of this talented playwright, what might have been a predictable political polemic instead emerges as a richly stirring and complex drama that even includes generous doses of humor.” —New York Post.