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The following plays are available in photocopied manuscript.

Airline HighwayLisa D'Amour
Another MedeaAaron Mark
Are You Now or Have You Ever Been…written and conceived by Carlyle Brown
At the TableMichael Perlman
CardinalGreg Pierce
The Children (Kirkwood)Lucy Kirkwood
ContractionsMike Bartlett
Describe the NightRajiv Joseph
Family TiesDaniel Goldstein
Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill FillSteph Del Rosso
FirefliesMatthew Barber
A Good FarmerSharyn Rothstein
A Guide for the HomesickKen Urban
HeartlessSam Shepard
Hope and GravityMichael Hollinger
IndecentPaula Vogel
The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures, or iHoTony Kushner
JunkAyad Akhtar
KingsSarah Burgess
KunstlerJeffrey Sweet