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The Secret (ePub One Act)

One Act, Drama
1 n/s
Total Cast: 1, Flexible Set
ISBN-13: 41935 (097417)
FEE: $40 per performance when produced individually. SPECIAL NOTE: (Included in upcoming volume TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES: PLAYS FOR ONLINE THEATRE). Manuscripts (in EPUB format) of the one acts are available for $5.00 each.
THE STORY: THE SECRET by Crystal Skillman. Over months of quarantine, we follow Luna, a housecat trying to piece together what is going on. She watches with concern as her human dons a mask, leaves at odd hours with protest signs, reads newspapers with long lists of names, and becomes more anguished by the day. When Luna encounters a special visitor, she is given the key to resilience during pandemic. But can she make her human truly understand The Secret?