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Debbie Does Dallas—Cast Recording

adapted by Erica Schmidt, composed by Andrew Sherman, conceived by Susan L. Schwartz
Due to the temporary closure of our NYC office, this item is not available.

Musical Cast Recording, CD
ISBN-13: 7860CD

Track List:
1. Welcome… Parental Advisory
2. Overture Listen
3. Our Story Begins…
4. Bring It Listen
5. A Letter from Heaven
6. Debbie Benton
7. At the Practice Field
8. Lisa & Berta on the Street
9. Jock Rock
10. Rick & Deb
11. Football Practice
12. The Girls Get Jobs
13. Small Town Girl
14. Mr. Greenfelt’s Store Part I
15. Showering with Lisa & Berta
16. The Locker Room Orgy
17. Rick & Deb on the Street
18. Misere Me!
19. Ten Dollars Closer Parts I, II and III
20. Locker Room
21. Wick Dippin’
22. The Dildo Rag
23. Washing Senor Bradley
24. The Library
25. The Banana Blow
26. Spanking Biddle
27. Outside the Library with Rick & Deb
28. I Wanna Do Debbie
29. Bang Bang
30. The Break Up
31. God Must Love a Fool
32. We Broke Up
33. The Tennis Court
34. The Record Store
35. The Cat Fight
36. Tammy’s Big O
37. Greenfelt’s Sports Store 7:00pm
38. Dallas…I’m Coming
39. Inside Debbie’s Mind
40. The End
41. Finale
42. Where I Need To Go (Debbie’s Theme)
43. Small Town Girl (Karaoke)
44. I Wanna Do Debbie (Karaoke)
45. The Orgasm Medley
Label: Sh-K Boom Records