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Zombies from the Beyond—Cast Recording

book, music and lyrics by James Valcq
ISBN: 6240CD
Musical Cast Recording, CD

Track List:
1. Prologue: The Sky's the Limit
2. Flying Saucer
3. Rocket-Roll
4. Second Planet on the Right
5. Blast off Baby
6. Atomic Feet
7. Saucer Descends
8. Big Wig
9. Rocket-Roll (Reprise)
10. In the Stars
11. Beauty Shop Opening
12. Secret Weapon
13. Zombies from the Beyond
14. Dateline: Milwaukee
15. Second Planet (Reprise)
16. American Way
17. I Am a Zombie
18. Zombina's Broad-Cast
19. Last Man on Earth
20. Zombina Destroys Milwaukee
21. Breaking the Sound Barrier
22. Keep Watching the Skies