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First Lady Suite—Cast Recording

Due to the temporary closure of our NYC office, this item is not available.

Musical Cast Recording, CD
ISBN-13: 6039CD

Track List:
1. Opening
2. “Always Something…”
3. Over Texas
4. “Ladies… Tea?”
5. Four More Years
6. Caroline
7. Kitty Cat Nap
8. The Smallest Thing
9. “What what?”
10. This is What We Are
11. “Mary Gallagher, You’re Needed”
12. “This is the Worst Birthday…”
13. Where’s Mamie?
14. My Husband Was an Army Man
15. Melba, Gloria
16. “To Algiers”
17. Algiers
18. Kidnapping
19. Old Rules are Old Rules
20. Tomorrow I Will Love You More
21. “Bluer than Blue”
22. “This is the Beginning…”
23. Eleanor’s Room
24. Wingwalk
25. Eleanor’s Hand
26. “If the DAR wants to Support Rearmament…”
27. When Eleanor Smiles
28. Eleanor’s Letter
29. Eleanor Sleeps Here
30. “Miss Hickock, I must ask You to Come Back Inside”
31. Great Ladies
32. “Look at Washington!”
33. Closing
Label: P.S. Classics