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Swinging on a Star (The Johnny Burke Musical)—Cast Recording

Michael Leeds, based on the songs of Johnny Burke
Musical Cast Recording, CD
ISBN-13: 6147CD

Track List:
1. Overture
2. Chicago Speakeasy (Dialogue)
3. You’re Not the Only Oyster in the Stew
4. Ain’t It a Shame About Mame?
5. What’s New?
6. Doctor Rhythm
7. Pennies from Heaven
8. His Rocking Horse Ran Away
9. Annie Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
10. Radio Show (Dialogue)
11. Scatterbrain
12. One, Two, Button Your Shoe
13. Radio Show (Dialogue)
14. Apple for the Teacher
15. Personality
16. There’s Always the Blues
17. Uso Show (Dialogue)
18. Polka Dots and Moonbeams
19. Uso Show (Dialogue)
20. Swinging on a Star
21. Don’t Let That Moon Get Away
22. Imagination
23. It Could Happen to You
24. Road to Morocco
25. Road to… (Dialogue)
26. You Don’t Have to Know the Language
27. Going My Way
28. Apalachicola, Fla.
29. Road to Morocco (Reprise)
30. But Beautiful
31. Like Someone in Love
32. Moonlight Becomes You
33. If Love Ain’t There
34. Sunday, Monday or Always
35. Misty
36. Here’s That Rainy Day
37. Pennies from Heaven (Reprise)
38. Swinging on a Star (Finale)
Label: After 9