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See What I Wanna See—Cast Recording

Musical Cast Recording, CD
ISBN-13: 8202CD

Track List:
1. Kesa (Kesa)
2. The Janitor’s Statement (The Janitor)
3. The Thief’s Statement/She Looked At Me (The Thief)
4. See What I wanna See (The Wife)
5. Big Money (The Thief, the Husband)
6. The Park (the Thief, The Wife)
7. You’ll Go Away with Me (The Thief)
8. Murder (The Thief)
9. Best Not to Get Involved (The Janitor)
10. The Wife’s Statement (The Wife)
11. Louie (The Wife)
12. The Medium and the Husband’s Statement (The Janitor, the Medium, The Husband)
13. Quartet: You’ll Go Away with Me (Reprise) (The Husband, The Wife, The Thief, The Medium)
14. No More (the Wife, The Thief, The Medium, The Husband)
15. Simple As This (The Husband, The Medium)
16. Light in the East/Finale Act 1 (All)
17. Morito (Morito)
18. Confession/Last Year (Priest, Aunt Monica)
19. The Greatest Practical Joke (Aunt Monica)
20. First Message (Priest)
21. Central Park (CPA)
22. Second Message (Priest, Actress)
23. Coffee (Actress)
24. Gloryday (All)
25. Curiosity/Prayer (Reporter, Actress, CPA, Priest)
26. Fee the Lions (Priest, CPA, Actress)
27. There Will be a Miracle (Aunt Monica)
28. Prayer (Reprise) (Priest, Actress, CPA, Reporter)
29. Rising, Up/Finale Act 2 (All)
Label: Sh-K-Boom