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Summer of '42óCast Recording

book by Hunter Foster, music and lyrics by David Kirshenbaum, based upon the novel and screenplay by Herman Raucher
ISBN: 7769CD
Musical Cast Recording, CD

Track List:
Disc One:
1. Prelude
2. The Summer You'll Always Remember
3. The Terrible Trio
4. Here and Now
5. Will That Ever Happen to Me?
6. Winchell Report #1
7. You're Gonna Miss Me
8. Little Did I Dream
9. Mr. Sanders #1
10. The Walk
11. Dorothy's House
12. Like They Used to
13. I Think I Like Her
14. The Heat/Winchell Report #2/Here and Now (Reprise)
15. Before the Movies
16. After the Movies
17. Winchell Report #3
18. Benjie and Gloria
19. The Boxes
20. Man Around the House
21. Someone to Dance with Me

Disc 2:
1. Entr'Acte
2. Unfinished Business
3. Make You Mine
4. Mr. Sanders #2/Here and Now (Reprise)
5. The Drugstore
6. The Jitterbug
7. The Marshmallow Roast
8. The Campfire
9. Hermie and Dorothy
10. Promise of the Morning
11. Oh Gee, I Love My G.I./Winchell Report #4
12. Oscy and Hermie
13. Dorothy's House
14. The Dance
15. Finale
16. Bows
17. Exit Music
18. Our Story So Far
19. Losing Track of Time
Label: Jay Records