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Dark Comedy Farce Historical Melodrama Mystery Romantic Satire Tragedy Thriller

Passing Strange—Cast Recording

book and lyrics by Stew, music by Stew and Heidi Rodewald
Musical Cast Recording, CD
ISBN-13: 8780CD

Track List:
1. Prologue (We Might Play All Night)
2. Baptist Fashion Show
3. Church Blues Revelation / Freight Train
4. Arlington Hill
5. Sole Brother
6. Must Have Been High
7. Mom Song
8. Merci Beaucoup, M. Godard
9. Amsterdam
10. Keys (Marianna)
11. Keys (It’s Alright)
12. We Just Had Sex
13. Stoned
14. Berlin: A Black Hole with Taxis
15. May Day (There’s a Riot Goin’ Down)
16. What’s Inside is Just a Lie / And Now I’m Ready to Explode
17. Identity
18. The Black One
19. Come Down Now
20. Youth’s Unfinished Song
21. Work the Wound
22. Passing Phase
23. Cue Music
24. Love Like That
Label: Ghostlight Records