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Whorl Inside a Loop

New acquisition, manuscript and licensing not available.
Dick Scanlan and Sherie Rene Scott
THE STORY: A well-regarded actress agrees to teach six inmates how to tell their stories behind the bars of a men’s maximum security prison. Sharing intimate and sometimes hilarious details of their former lives, this unlikely group forms a bond—even as the actress’s life outside spins out of control. And when what happens in prison doesn’t stay there, no one is sure who to trust. Whorl Inside a Loop explores the fine line between convicted felons and the criminal inside each of us, the viability of forgiveness and the unreliability of redemption.
“…funny and moving…[The inmates’] histories make for riveting, disturbing theater, and…they open windows into the lives of men whose stories mostly go untold, except in investigative journalism. …The play raises timely issues about the overwhelming number of African-American men in prison; the importance of rehabilitation, as opposed to plain punishment; and the imperfect workings of the justice system.” —NY Times. “WHORL INSIDE A LOOP has a searching, puzzling quality that is very rare in contemporary plays…[The play] spreads out as it goes, asking larger and larger questions. …Is evil innate? Also: Is it unary? Are people only as good as the worst thing they’ve ever done?…[WHORL INSIDE A LOOP] convincingly demonstrates that theater can itself be a form of rehabilitation.” —NY Magazine. “…smart and challenging…told through heaps of wit…it’s a powerful reminder of the existence and basic humanity of our incarcerated fellow Americans…” — “…penetrating…examine[s] the line between selflessness and self-interest, and the similarities between those inside and outside prison walls. …a timely reminder of the precarious nature of justice.” —Time Out NY.