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Convenience—Cast Recording

book, music and lyrics by Gregg Coffin
Musical Cast Recording, CD
ISBN-13: 7856CD

Two CD Set

Track List:
Disc One
1.Standing, Still
2.Tell Her/Tell Him
3. On the Bus
4. Waiting Up
5. Waking Vince
6. I Love How We Start Off Our Day
7. On the Phone I
8. Convenient
9. The Revolving Door
10. Mom’s Hotel
11. Pink Catawba Wine
12. Here I Stand
13. Little Spaceman
14. The Traitor King
15. Un
Disc Two
1. Blueprints
2. Door#3
3. The Offer Stands
4. On the Phone II
5. Vince Sees
6. Crawling Forward
7. Following Breadcrumbs Back
8. Surrender
9. Letting Go
10. Liz Sees
11. The Ogre and the Wife
12. In the Morning
13. Love Has this Power
14. Moving Day
15. Reprise: Little Spaceman
Label: Geva Theatre