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Full Length, Drama
15 men, 6 women (doubling, flexible casting)
Total Cast: 21, Flexible Set
ISBN-13: 9780822240563
FEE: $100 per performance. Manuscript is available in EPUB format.
THE STORY: It’s 1969 and London’s Fleet Street is about to be reinvented by tabloid journalism. Rupert Murdoch has just bought a struggling rag, The Sun, with outcast editor Larry Lamb at its helm. In an all-out race for readership against their more established competitors, the team at the Sun will do whatever it takes to win the attention of the British public, to the surprise and horror of the old guard. As they straddle a line between sensationalism and ethical malpractice, Murdoch and Lamb spark a revolution that will change the course of history, for better or worse.
“…what makes [INK] such a good and gripping piece of theatre is that it doesn’t preach us sermons about press ethics but leaves us to draw our own conclusions from the known facts. It strikes me as a first-rate play about newspapers in the honourable tradition of Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur’s The Front Page.” —Guardian (UK). “…truly thought-provoking… one can’t quibble with the fact that this is an unmissable evening, and the theatre the right place to tell in gripping fashion what is, like it or not, a vital moment in British social history.” —Independent (London). “[INK] triumphs in West End stunner! …incredibly brilliant and surprising… Hold the front page: This one’s a smasher.” —Time Out London.